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Our preschool focuses on stimulating the young minds and allowing them to become more conscious of their environment. We are activity-focused, parent collaborative, and therefore extremely selective in our criteria of selection. Our parents are educated, professional, and are aware of international standards. 

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At ISL we aim to nurture and develop young learners as caring, creative, respectful and responsible members of the community. We focus on building academic success with less stress and more room to grow, setting a solid foundation without compromise.
Our curriculum is based on the interests of children and is enriched by music, art, movement, drama and creativity. We help students deepen their understanding, and strengthen their knowledge and skills through meticulously planned stage and age appropriate learning engagements.
Our highly skilled educators understand the diverse needs and developmental stages of a preschooler and offer a personalized support for in-depth learning during the early years. Our class size ratio is 10:1; keeping student needs in mind. ISL believes in diversity and our learning program endorses differentiated learning to maximize student potential.
Research indicates that physical, social, emotional and intellectual development is at its peak during the early years. We as a school community endeavor to create transformative experiences for children to explore learning opportunities in real-life contexts.

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