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Our Students Get Global Mentors

With our network of global mentors, ISL provides its students step by step guidance from its carefully matched mentors. Mentors are senior year university students/ young professionals or skill coaches that guide students according to their interest for achieving their best potential.

Parents Pay Less for More Value

ISL recognizes the hard work of parents and guardians to provide the best for their children. We offer the lowest fees in our categories often undercutting the fees by 30% while providing a-no-compromise education. We have an 11-month A level fee. 

Our Students Don’t Take Tuition

ISL’s teaching approach is unique and adequate with top faculty having dedicated Office Hours; a first of its kind Teachers’ Associate Program and separate Tutorials conducted for students.

Mandatory Life Skill Courses for All

ISL plans to conduct mandatory sessions for students to develop a practical understanding; from the Pros in the game. From creating digital art for social activism, to how to assemble an engine, every student has something to learn.

Unmatched Coaching and Extracurriculars

ISL provides arguably the best extracurricular and coaching in the country. Our coaches have coached National teams, won International competitions. Debates, Model UN, Sports, Dramatics, Languages, Robotics, Innovative Science, Community Services, Music, Film Making, Digital Arts, Chess, Culture, are but some of the clubs available. 

Student Health Comes First

ISL is a conscious institute that assists in navigating through physical and mental health and disability-related barriers to academic success. This includes adaptive equipment, learning strategies, peer support; social opportunities and in-class test and exam accommodations, and well-being counselors.

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