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Category is a sprint of the fittest minds, a thorough exercise for science enthusiasts and curios minds. Delegates will be faced with quizzes pertaining to the subjects physics, chemistry, biology and computer science in round one, followed by a relentless and fast paced buzzer round. For the most dexterous of delegates, an adventurous scavenger hunt awaits them on the last day. Walk through it all and prove yourselves as the ultimate and most resilient pioneers of science.


Al-Farabi's Falsafa

Mankind has had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge since the beginning of our existence. This category is among the first of its kind and sets out to nurture the curious minds of delegates and introduce them to the art of research writing; requiring delegates to a think outside the box and discover interesting new phenomenon. This year, ISL Magnus is giving you a platform to not only showcase your unique ideas but to help you organize them into meticulously structured research projects through a thorough literature review, supervised by experts in the field.catching masterpiece, that can steal the spotlight of the market.



For this category, delegates must incite their true robotic senses, and be sure to solidify all tangled wires, for they are to face enthralling competition following Day 1, where they will be instructed about the basics of robotics, as they will be required to bring their passion and knowledge of robotics into implementation in the form of individual circuits with immaculate code that perform that perform their function with utmost exactness.



Delegates delve into the world of program solving and design with us, where you’ll need as much dedication as Margaret Hamilton and the creativity of Dennis Ritchie.

Due to its rapid growth, the field of computer science has truly become an integral part of everything we do, making it necessary for there to be an understanding of emerging technologies. Delegates be will required to demonstrate a profound understanding of basic computer science concepts and their resourcefulness to succeed through a rapid-fire quiz, online scavenger hunt, complex problems with the use of different software and an additional video and photo editing round.


This category is exclusively for delegates whose favourite nights are those with clear skies, spent mapping out every constellation they can remember while attempting to internalize the vast mysteries of the Universe, from the largest of galactic filaments to the smallest of subatomic particles. We invite them to join us as we explore the cosmos, look into the intricacies of nature beyond our pale blue dot featuring a game of Pictionary infused with trivia, followed by a buzzer round and hypothetical game of galactic survivor. This category will not only test you on your knowledge regarding astronomy and astrophysics but on how you apply that knowledge to find solutions to complex real-world problems.

The Last Sin

A category crafted especially for minds with the most refined deduction skills and a piercing eye for detail, our crime category brings to delegates a holistic opportunity to exercise their investigative and interrogatory skills through the course of a scrupulously designed crime mystery, where they will be confronted with formidable ciphers and mounds of evidence which they must unravel with excruciating agility to solve the case and finally, present their conclusions in a formal report.

Malpighi's Manifestation

Every living body encompasses a plethora of systems – little processes that might

seem insignificant at first glance, but the slightest change in which can throw the body into a state of disarray. This is what makes the ‘science of life’ so significant - the need for humans to know every aspect of their bodies and about how external environment plays a role in affecting it. Delegates must Prepare for a rigorous experience, as you will be put in the shoes of biologists and medical experts. From methodical DNA extraction, intensive quizzes and critical analysis of medical scenarios, delegates will be pushed to think on their feet.


Cyanide Madness

Fusions and calculations, explosions and eliminations, smoke bombs and intensive analysis; all of this is to be experienced and undertook by participants in an amalgamation of colour, surprise and intelligent calculations, that this category so readily offers. This category consists of three rounds; round one entailing elimination, round two pursuing creativity, and finally, round three; a talent show.


The Reimann Hypothesis

'Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe’ -Galileo Galilei


Delegates revel in intrinsically tangled math equations and an assiduously riddled scavenger hunt followed by an iconic mind-boggling logic puzzle.


The Horcrux Chase​​

This subcategory give students who are passionate about genres, characters, games and books series plenty of reasons to participate. Teams will be given multiple categories to choose via an auction system. In round two, delegates from each team have to guess their partners word. In the final round the teams will be given an assignment to write an alternate ending for a TV show or movie.


A crisis committee is a decision making body that has more power than a traditional committee. The small body is brought together to deal with an issue of immediate importance. The real beauty of crisis committee is that everything is driven by the delegates. This category is bound to push you to discover and present holistic solutions for specific world affairs. Delegates will express their sentiments on environmental crisis. In round two delegates’ historic and scientific knowledge about past pandemics will be tested. In round three and four, delegates have to hold discussions and present solutions to deal with the plague.


Modulus X

This category will prove to be a sheer test of architectural accuracy and scientific proficiency as delegates must work to create intricately designed mechanisms. They must make the best of partners with outstanding innovation and seamless execution to push through this category and accomplish functional 3D models; from hydraulic presses to delicate systems demonstrating fundamental laws of physics.

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