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 ISL’s primary program is created to cater to the peak cognitive needs of children in their formative years. The program involved basic skill development and experiential learning from an early age. Our nation’s first gifted education program initiates the identification process and discovers hidden talents in the children while closely working with parents.

At ISL, we believe that all of us are unique and learn in a variety of ways. Our emphasis is on providing world-class education and our mission is to instill within our students, leadership, character, compassion, and the courage to make the world a better place.
Our academic program is structured to endorse our mission statement, uphold our beliefs and create students who embody the ISL Student Profile. Our multi-faceted curriculum, inspired by the core principles of the CAIE Syllabus, is designed to introduce age appropriate concepts which helps smoothen the transition to the next tier of education. We aspire to ignite passion for life-long learning amongst children and facilitate them in investigating core disciplines in real-life contexts.
The faculty at ISL is handpicked for its shared values and is trained to guide students in their multi-directional development. Empathy and international mindedness are an integral part of our teaching practice and school community.
Our O and A level faculty consists of instructors who have been able to assist students in achieving national and international scholastic distinctions, and in securing seats at the highest-ranked universities across the world for their higher education. We aspire to have our students walk alongside us to develop a better, safer, and more innovative tomorrow.

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